I think about you

every time

we sail past Richmond Hill

How we used to wander round

with hours left to kill

How you'd talk for hours on end

And rest your head on my shoulder

But now its changed, I see my friend

you look a hundred years older

The beautiful park

I sail by every day

And never get to enjoy

I think of the heart you kept at bay

and the ones you could break my boy

How to explain how much I loved you

How much I perhaps, still do

How I’ve been around the park with hundreds of men

but long to be there with you

The leaves in the park

are starting to rot

And still, I think of your smile

your arms that would hold me

both firmly and gently

when I begged you to stay

just a while

Your eyes like the water

I sank every time

How I wish that you’d left me to drown

For I'm stuck in the park

with no way to get out

stuck while you wander the town

Dísa Andersen